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After a Bankruptcy Has Discharged - 3 Personal Loan Tips

For most people, going through bankruptcy brings with it a mix of emotions. On the one hand, there can be a sense of disappointment or even guilt. At the same time, bankruptcy can bring with it huge feeling of relief for finally being out from under all of that debt. Even if your bankruptcy has already discharged, you may still find yourself in need of a loan. Here are 3 tips for getting a personal loan funded.
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After 2005 legislation, all sedntut loans are exempt from discharge in bankruptcy. You may be able to avoid this with private loans if you can show that your loans are not really “educational loans” as defined by the Bankruptcy Code. For example, the standard does not apply to payments for tuition or room and board if you did not receive an extension of credit. Also, the higher standard applies only if you went to an “eligible educational institution.” That means an institution that is eligible to participate in one of the government sedntut financial **censored**istance programs. Most, but not all, schools fit this category. You should consult a lawyer for more information about whether your loans meet these definitions.
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