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I have always found it fanicsating how cases nearly always seem to collapse due to inaccurate police work, when somebody important is likely to be exposed or convicted. A cl**censored**ic example of this is the Operation Ore cases, in which careless police procedures failed to convict the majority of those accused, whose lives, in some cases, had been ruined, or in a few examples, ended by suicide, due to the wholesale accusations made against thousands of innocent people, by the police, based on an incorrect interpretation, among other things, of computer records relating to child **censored**ography sites, allegedly visited by the accused.This, in itself, is bad enough, but if one looks closer into some of the accusations made by the victims, as opposed to the police, there is a possibility that certain very highly placed people in the previous administration, i.e., the last Labour government, were on the point of being exposed, when the accusations of careless police work were made, causing most of the cases to be the subject of appeals to the higher courts.It would be, of course, cynical of me to suggest that perhaps the police are encouraged by the powers-that-be to be careless or over-zealous in their approach, in the full knowledge that the cases will eventually collapse when they are brought before the courts, thereby protecting the really important people behind these child abuse scandals.Whilst such a strategy protects the V. I. P.'s, what does it matter if hundreds of innocent social and care workers, teachers, etc., have their lives, reputations, and careers ruined in the grander design to protect the real criminals?
Elizabeth    7/3/2014 3:10:17 am

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