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I Need a Personal Loan to Stop an Eviction - 5 Steps To Take

Facing eviction from your home can be a terrifying experience. The idea of having to quickly find other housing arrangements is not an appealing one to most people. After all, if buying your home feels like a privilege you can be proud of, then losing your home by eviction feels like a disgrace. One way out for you may be through a personal loan. Here are 5 steps to qualifying for a personal loan to avoid eviction.
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In Ohio, Ohio Revised Code Section 5321 governs the rointieashlps between landlords and tenants. That act is broken down into 18 or 19 different subsections, but the important one that we are dealing with is the 16th subsection, R.C. 5321.16 which governs security deposits in residential rental housing. It states that if the tenant gives written notice of his forwarding address before moving out and if the landlord wrongfully withholds any portion of the security deposit for more than 30 days then the tenant (or in your case, the tenant's estate) can sue for double the wrongfully withheld portion of the deposit and reasonable attorneys fees.If the tenant signed a one year lease and then died midway through the term then the tenant's estate will be liable for any unpaid rent or physical damages beyond normal wear and tear. If the tenant was on a month to month lease agreement, then the tenant (or his estate) can terminate such an agreement by giving 30 days notice of an intent to vacate under R.C. 5321.17. But the security deposit can be used to pay for unpaid rent or damages beyond normal wear and tear. If there is still some of the security deposit left over after the unpaid rent (if any) is paid and after damages beyond normal wear and tear (if any) are repaired, then the landlord does have to return the remainder of the security deposit regardless of whether or not the lease agreement terminated early.
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